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Having to withdraw a product from the market, alter a label or have a product approved urgently due to negligence or a lack of information is expensive !

What environmental claims can you use ?  How do you declare your products to the Belgian poison control centre ?  Are there claims you should avoid ?  Does your product comply with the law ?  Who is responsible for bringing it to market ?  Do you have to draw up a waste prevention plan ?  What should you say to journalists ?  What response should you give to consumer associations ?  Who should you contact to resolve your administrative problem ?  Is this ingredient authorised ?  Under what conditions ? etc. …

You need relevant information to bring your products to market efficiently and build the future of your business.  You will find this information, along with advice, guidelines and valuable personalised help, at Detic.

To benefit from our services, you have to become a member of our association.

Cost :

The amount of your annual fee is calculated on the basis of the added value your company records in the sectors covered by Detic and on the Belgo-Luxembourg market only. The minimum membership fee is € 1.461,28 for 2023.

Benefits :

Barring exceptional cases, all Detic members benefit from all the Detic services.

Procedure :

To become a Detic member, you have to submit an application.  Your request, preferably backed up by two ‘sponsors’ (i.e. two Detic members)n should be sent by post or e-mail to the Detic secretariat.

The Detic Board of Directors then ratifies your application, which is presented to the General Assembly in due time.  You officially become a Detic member as soon as your affiliation has been approved by the General Assembly.

Information :

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Contact the secretariat:

Tel.: 00 32 (0)2 238 97 52