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Our services


DETIC accompanies, guides and advises you as you bring your products, services and solutions to market.  It works to create a positive and sustainable image of your sector with a view to supporting your activity, your business.  We provide you with all the basic information you need to build your success.

The success of your business is directly linked to your performance when you bring your products to market.  This is a reality.  Compliance with regulations, marketing, advertising, the image of your sector, the capacity to adapt quickly, media crises, product crises, sector communication, relations with the authorities, inspectorates, etc. …  The list of challenges to be dealt with is long and a mistake may be very serious if not fatal to your business.  This is why our total service range focuses entirely on bringing your products to market.  Our multi-sector approach is a sizeable asset that enables us to offer you particularly detailed and reliable analyses, tips and advice.

DETIC reserves its services and tools for its members.


Technical & regulatory

Labelling, product safety, compliance with regulations, product standards, marketing claims, environmental claims, relations with the authorities, inspectorates, etc. …  DETIC offers :

Chemistry legislation

  • Regulation monitoring in Belgium, Luxembourg and Europe
  • Proactive information
  • Active handling of regulatory issues that affect your sector, your business
  • In-depth analysis of legislative texts and their implications for your products and your business in Belgium and in Europe
  • Training courses on specific themes and on regulations
  • Direct assistance with implementation of and compliance with regulations
  • Personalised tips and advice on all issues related to bringing your products to market, marketing claims and advertising
  • Codes of conduct, technical and regulatory guidance
  • An interface for conciliation and negotiation with the federal and regional authorities
  • A network of European expertise, access to European sector associations and their services
  • etc. …



Communication & public affairs

DETIC is the spokesperson for its sectors with the Belgian federal, regional and community authorities as well as the stakeholders (federal councils, sector associations, consumers associations, environmental associations, the press, trade unions, political parties, etc.).  It also works to ensure that its sectors have a positive image and provides you with all kinds of information.  In a ‘sector’ context, DETIC provides :

 Chemistry communication

  • Media and product crisis management
  • Relations with the press, pressure groups and the authorities
  • Your preparations for press contacts and the presentation of a basic sector position
  • The development of a positive image for your sector
  • The development and implementation of social responsibility initiatives
  • Drawing up and defending positions with all the stakeholders
  • Representing you on councils and in working groups at federal and other levels
  • An interface for constructive communication with the stakeholders and distributors
  • Proactive and preventive external communication relating to current and future issues in your sector
  • A European and multi-sector communication network
  • Efficient and effective internal communication with a view to providing you with information relevant for your business on a just-in-time basis.



‘Sustainable development’ is the concept that now guides or influences your activities.  DETIC supports its members with a view to enabling them to develop in a manner that is compatible with sustainable development.  To this end, DETIC :

Chemistry sustainability

  • Draws up, manages and ensures the implementation of sustainable initiatives for the sector
  • Organises training courses
  • Represents its sectors with the competent authorities and the political world
  • Promotes the sustainability of its sectors with stakeholders, pressure groups, distributors and consumers
  • Negotiates and manages sector agreements
  • Offers you the possibility of taking part in a sector plan for the prevention of packaging waste
  • Informs and advises you on sustainability, environmental and other labels
  • etc.



Main tools

The DETIC Committees, working groups and task forces

DETIC is organised as a ‘network’ of companies.  This structure, which is vital for the functioning of the association, enables companies to pool issues, exchange experiences and testimonies and work to devise joint solutions which may be sectoral or multi-sectoral, regardless of size.  The DETIC Committees bring together the companies by sector and meet on average four times a year.  They delegate certain important themes to ‘working groups’ and practical projects to ‘task forces’.  Thanks to this organisation, companies can become directly involved in the work of the association, to be at the source of the expertise and to work out the DETIC ‘positions’, strategies and initiatives.  It guarantees a balance between the positions adopted by the association and those of its members and ensures that DETIC is properly representative.


An exclusive extranet site

DETIC offers its members an exclusive extranet site that comprises various tools :

-  a complete product labelling tool

-  themed educational pages that provide complete dossiers on REACh, CLP, Biocidal products, Sustainable development and Cosmetics.

The dossiers contain an explanation with comments of the regulations in force (European, Luxemburg, Belgian and, where appropriate, from the Belgian Regions) as well as sector initiatives, if any.  Where appropriate, they provide the tools needed for understanding and implementation.



DETIC publishes a newsletter four to five times a year : DETIC info.  Reserved for DETIC members, this publication takes stock of current affairs in the sectors, alerts and draws the attention of members to particular issues and lists adaptations to Belgian, Luxembourg and European legislation.