The Belgian and Luxembourg association for producers and distributors of cosmetics, cleaning and maintenance products, adhesives, sealants, biocides and aerosols.

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DETIC regularly publishes a newsletter with the most important facts from the past period. In this way, you will always be informed of our latest activities and achievements, for all sectors.

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 Newsletter 2020

 Handgels lijst

The government quickly took a number of robust decisions to help to defuse the coronavirus crisis. DETIC stepped forward to inform its members of these decisions and to explain the sector’s views to the authorities.

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 Newsletter 2019

 Microplastics accord sectoral

In this edition, you will read how a sectoral agreement was reached on microplastics and why that is important.

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 Newsletter 2016

 huile de palme durable

Circular economy, Greener Packaging Awards, the charter for sustainable palm oil ... This newsletter is dedicated to sustainable development!

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 Newsletter 2015

 produit de lavage enfants

An inspired comment about the CLP regulation, and the launch of the communication campaign: "Keep caps from kids".

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 Newsletter 2014

 lavage à froid durable

Washing at low temperatures has advantages for your wallet and for the environment! This is why DETIC (and its partners) launched the campaign: "I prefer 30C".

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 Newsletter 2013

 detic newsletter

The first DETIC newsletter is out! Now, we are going out with our activities, and this for all our sectors.

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